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22 Aug 2016 05:19 -


Krsna calls Arjuna in Bhagavad-Gita as Parantapah means one who is capable of chastising his enemies.  So Bhagavad-Gita was spoken to Parantapah – the one who was capable of chastising [ ... ]

Adhyatma
22 Aug 2016 05:59 -

Kaikeyi out of selfishness and greed took two boons from Maharaja Dasharath - coronate Bharat as king and banish Ram to forest for fourteen years. She thought this will fulfill all her ambitions. But [ ... ]

Adhyatma
20 Aug 2016 17:16 -

Functional malefics / benefics….

In Vedic astrology the results and influences attributed to a planet is an amalgamation of variety of factors such as its natural nature, the houses it owns, the house/ [ ... ]

Astrology
13 Sep 2016 02:22 - Shankaranand Das
Planetary Aspect

Planetary aspect in Vedic Astrology

Drishti means “to glance at”. The Greek word aspektos means “to gaze” or “to glance”. As the planets rose upon the horizon and gazed on each other across [ ... ]

Astrology
10 Sep 2016 20:41 - Shankaranand Das
D-60 Chart

D-60 Chart and Moola Dasha

Moola dasha is the oldest and most accurate tool known to determine the timing of events from shastyamsa chart or D-60 Chart (for all matters).

Before moving ahead, let me [ ... ]

Astrology
22 Aug 2016 02:20 -

While selecting a Muhurta – a suitable day and time for any undertaking – the Tithi (Lunar day), Nakshatra (Star constellation in which the moon is placed at that time) and the Yoga, Karana (auspiciousness) [ ... ]

Astrology
20 Aug 2016 17:50 -

Here are some of the home remedies for snoring.

1. Peppermint

The anti-inflammatory property in peppermint helps reduce swelling of the membranes in the lining of the throat and nostrils, thus promoting [ ... ]

Ayurveda
22 Aug 2016 08:17 -

Saligrama, a sacred Gandaki river stone is a special Avatara of Maha Vishnu.It is always placed with Tulasi (signifying Lakshmi). In some parts of India,Tulasi vivaham with Saligramam is conducted- [ ... ]

Adhyatma
22 Aug 2016 06:13 -
Building a Vishnu Temple

In Agnipurana, Agni said: I will now describe the fruits of making temples for the residence of Vasudeva. He who attempts to erect temples for Vishnu is freed from the sins of a thousand births. Those who [ ... ]

Adhyatma
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